H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Sosormaa Chuluunbaatar handed over a letter from Mr. Enkhbold Nyamaa, the head of Mongolian National Cooperative Association to the head of the Brazilian National Confederation of Cooperatives, Mr. Marcio Lopes, to visit Mongolia with a purpose of sharing experiences of Brazilian cooperatives. Mr. Marcio Lopes kindly accepted the invitation and expressed pleasure visiting Mongolia along with his colleagues and to hold a seminar on experiences exchange with Mongolian counterparts later this year.

With membership of more than 50 million people, Brazilian cooperative movement has been developed sustainably in many sectors such as agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, transport, tourism, construction and mining. The two largest Brazilian cooperative banks – “Bancoob” and “Sicredi”, together account up to 40% of the total market of loans provided to the overall agricultural sector. In addition, 47% of the members of the Brazilian Senate and 44% of the members of Chamber of Deputies affiliated to the Congressional cooperative caucus, which is a vivid example that the strong development of cooperative movement is closely associated to the adequate public policies.