State secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr.D.Davaasuren meets with H.E.Mr.Inoussa Moustapha, Ambassador-designate of Niger to Mongolia in regard to his presentation of the Credentials on 27th of November 2018.

State secretary Mr.D.Davaasuren congratulated upon his appointment as the first ever Ambassador from nigerian side to Mongolia and has noted the importance of seeking the cooperation possibilities in the future, particularly within the framework of International Think-tank for Landlocked developing countries.

While emphasizing the new chapter launched in bilateral relations, Ambassador-designate I.Moustapha expressed his willingness to conduct all activities under his capacity to develop the relations and cooperation between two countries.

Mongolia and Niger has established diplomatic relations on 25th of March 2015 and Mr.Inoussa Moustapha is the first ever Ambassador to Mongolia. Ambassador will present the Credentials to the President of Mongolia on 28th of November.