The Embassy of Mongolia in collaboration with the World Bank Group and “International Trade Center” NGO co-organized the “Mongolian Heritage Days” a cultural promotion event at the World Bank Headquarter on April 23, 2019.

The event was organized in the framework of “Made in Mongolia” an initiative by “International Trade Center” NGO. Mr. Davaasuren Damdinsuren, State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and Mrs. Xiaoqing Yu, Director of Strategy and Operations for East Asia Pacific region of the World Bank Group gave opening remarks. Approximately 300 people, including the U.S Department of State, the Department of Defense, the World Bank Group, IMF, foreign citizens who are interested in working with Mongolian private sectors and Mongolians, residing in the US attended the event.

During the cultural event not only did the Mongolian artists promote Mongolian culture and heritage through traditional musical instruments and folk dance performances, but also Mongolian cashmere, textile, private companies such as, “Gobi”, “Govi”, “Altai”, PCY”, “Glamour”, “Mogol” “Khos Az”, “Мaral”, “Khur”, “Moncream”, “Monos”, “ТESO” and “Khaadiin ger” organized trade exhibition sales. In order to expand sales market at global platform Mongolian companies made contacts with corresponding U.S companies and mutually exchanged experiences.

“The Art of Innovation-Visual Arts Exhibition Celebrating Mongolia” will be held at World Bank Headquarter from May 16 until July 2019 and will showcase works of Mongolian visual art to the public.